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FPGA Design
& Prototyping

Elevate your FPGA Innovations with semify

FPGA Design and Development

Design Excellence

Expertise in FPGA design including RTL design, synthesis, place-and-route and seamlessly generation of the FPGA configuration bitstream.

Prototyping Expertise

Navigate FPGA prototyping with confidence. Picking the optimal FPGA prototyping boards and seamlessly transitioning your ASIC designs into robust FPGA implementations.

Holistic System Integration

Design and integrate heterogeneous FPGA systems with and without microcontrollers flawlessly, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Effortless Prototyping 

Transition ASIC concepts into FPGA prototypes, selecting the most suitable FPGA prototyping boards.

System Integration and Testing Mastery

Our team is dedicated to aiding you in the integration of diverse hardware and software components, diagnosing system-level challenges, and executing comprehensive testing for impeccable results.

Skills and Tooling

FPGA Partnership

semify is excited to announce that we joined Microchip Technology’s Design Partner Ecosystem for FPGAs. Being a design partner will allow us to work closely with Microchip to support customers in FPGA development.

FPGA Tool chains

AMD (Xilinx) Vivado

Intel (Altera) Quartus

Digital Design and Verification

RTL in Verilog or SystemVerilog and also High-Level Synthesis (HLS) Functional verification with xsim, Xcelium, Modelsim or Verilog Icarus Directed tests in Verilog and SystemVerilog or C/C++ Python based verification Debugging using Vivado Logic Analyzer

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arm cortx -m png

Diverse FPGA Collaborations

Our track record includes collaborations

with a range of FPGAs, spanning

AMD (Xilinx): Artix, Kintex

Intel (Altera): Cyclone

Lattice: ECP3

Our experience extends to various

FPGA boards, including

Digilent: BASYS3, Arty A7, Arty Z7…

Opal Kelly: XEM7310, XEM7310MT

Xilinx: KCU116

Numerous application-specific boards


Your Gains with semify's Digital Design Expertise

Custom Specific

Time-to-Market Solutions

We tailor FPGA-based prototypes to match your project's unique requirements, propelling your journey to market success.

FPGA Excellence

in Action

Our skilled team of FPGA engineers, with extensive industry experience, crafts solutions that match your precise needs.

Efficiency and Quality Aligned

Leverage FPGA-based prototypes for efficient development without compromising quality, preserving your time and resources.

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