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How we can help you

At semify, we blend our expertise in digital design for both FPGA and ASICs with cutting-edge products like SmartWave, aiming to simplify your technical challenges. Our team of dedicated engineers is passionate about delivering innovative and efficient solutions that ease your workflow, enhancing both the design process and practical application outcomes.

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Products and Services

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SmartWave enables you to instantly communicate with multitude of devices like ADC, DAC, Sensors and many more via industry standard interfaces such as SPI or I2C and flexible GPIOs. The adaptable and powerful configuration possibilities and the robust design makes SmartWave to an indispensable companion to your oscilloscope. 

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Design Service for Mixed Signal ASICs 

Supporting the development process from concept to implementation. Providing digital design and verification service for mixed signal ASICs with a special focus on RISC-V based microcontroller systems for edge and IoT applications.

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Development of application specific evaluation boards. Evaluation boards with or without a microcontroller are developed depending on application needs. Supporting the development of FPGA based evaluation boards if specific digital control logic is required.

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Providing design service for FPGA based prototyping systems and applications. Special focus and experience with the development of RISC-V based microcontroller systems. Each project has its own specific challenges and requirements. We adapt our engagement depending on the specific needs of your project using a flexible cooperation model.

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