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Legal Notice


Information in accordance with §5 of the E-Commerce Act, §14 of the Unternehmensgesetzbuch, §63 of the Commercial Code and disclosure requirements under §25 of the Media Act.

semify e.U.
Klaus Strohmayer
Inge-Morath-Straße 64b,
8045 Graz,


Object of the company: Digital Design and Verification Service, EDA Tooling
VAT-Number: ATU75470857
Corporate register number: FN 553278 w
Corporate register court: Landesgericht für ZRS Graz
Company location: Graz


Phone: +436769430586


Member of: WKO
Laws re. professions: Gewerbeordnung:


Job title: Digital Design and Verification Expert
Awarding country: Österreich

Contact details of the data protection controller


If you have any question about data protection, please find the contact details of the body or person responsible for data protection below:
semify e.U.
Inge-Morath-Str 64b, 8045 Graz, Austria
Company details:


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