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Analyzing failing simulations

To help you track down bugs faster, improve productivity and enhance work satisfaction, you can analyze and understand the root cause behind failed simulations easily.


Clear and concise error pattern reporting

To help you stay focused on what's important, you  can filter out unnecessary and irrelevant error messages and get a ranked shortlist of potential error patterns represented in textual and graphical form.


Easy Integration

To ensure you can ramp up your productivity fast, our solution is designed to be compatible with and easily integrated in UVM based verification environments.


Collaboration within development teams is important, that's why we make it easier for you to handover information seamlessly with those that rely on it to get the job done. 


Reduce time to market

Speed up the delivery of new products to the market, by increasing efficiency during manual debugging.

Flexible and adaptable cost model

Never pay more than is absolutely necessary to get the job done with our adaptable pricing model.

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